Sugar Cones & Wafers

Mini Sugar Cones (we call them Garnerture Horns)

These tiny cones, or “horns” as we like to call them, are fun and versatile – they can be filled, dipped or stacked to create a novelty item that is easy to eat.  Sweet or savoury, they are ideal for serving tasty bite-size canapés and desserts that your guest will remember for a long time.  Fill them with your favourite sweet combination or be creative and serve bites of salad, mini meatballs, salmon mousse, charcuterie and cheeses, savoury ice creams… the list is endless! 

These are available in boxes of 216, and are available in our savoury recipe. 

Size: 7.5 cm high, 2.5 cm in diameter.  

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Small Sugar Cones Sleeved

These small cones are ideal for serving smaller portion of ice cream.  Also available with a paper sleeve for hygienic and convenient serving and eating. 

The sleeve in this photo contains no Garner Logo.  You do pay a bit extra for the Unbranded sleeve.

Size: 12 cm high, 4.5cm in diameter.  


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Medium Sugar Cones

This is our most popular product – crispy, sweet and golden, this traditional classic is perfect for serving ice cream and gelato. We can dip or coat them in enrobing chocolate and top with 100s and 100s and sprinkle nuts for added enjoyment. Also available with a paper sleeve for hygienic and convenient serving and eating. 

Sold in bulk boxes of various sizes and available direct to the public in retail packs at selected Checkers and Spar stores (see Retail section for more details). 

Size:  15 cm high, 5.7cm in diameter.  

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Large Sugar Cones

These large cones are for the true ice cream lovers out there!  Perfect for serving multiple scoops and chunky toppings.  Available in bulk boxes. 

Size:  16.5 cm in height, 9.8 cm in diameter.  


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Wafer Cups

A lovely way to serve your dessert.  This is an ideal way to serve sticky sauces over your dessert scoops, or for serving other toppings such as sliced fruit, berries, chocolate bits etc.  The edges of these little baskets are also available dipped in enrobing chocolate. 

Also available in our cinnamon recipe. 

Size: 4.5cm in height, 14 cm in diameter.  

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Wafer Discs

Round wafers suitable for decorating desserts and creating ice cream sandwiches.  Available in small and medium, as well as dipped in chocolate, drizzled with chocolate swirl, one side coated in chocolate. 


Small:  5 cm in diameter

Medium:  7.5 cm in diameter.  

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Wafer Fans

Add a bit of flair and visual appeal with our wafer fans.  Stick them in your ice cream cones, sundaes and banana splits.  These triangles of sugar wafer are available plain or dipped in chocolate, with or without sprinkles. 

Size:  7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 4.5 cm wafer triangles.  

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Wafer Tubes & Stix

Have fun decorating your desserts with these wafers tubes.  Available in both plain and with the ends dipped.  Fill them with chocolate, cream or custard filling - anything you desire. 


Tubes:  10 cm in length, 2 cm in diameter. 

Stix (Short):  9 cm in length, 2 cm in diameter. 

Stix (Long):  15 cm in length, 2 cm in diameter.  

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Cannoli Tubes

Fill these large empty tubes with whatever your heart desires – ice cream, crème patisserie, chocolate mousse, sorbets or sticky fruit compotes and decorate with chocolate drizzles, dip the ends…

These tubes can also be used to make a traditional Sicilian pastry dessert known as Cannoli.  Simply fill them with sweetened ricotta cheese or mascarpone and dust with icing sugar– a classic popular with lovers of Italian food worldwide.  

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Cinnamon Cones & Cups

Ever-popular in South Africa, cinnamon is one of our nation’s favourite spices.  We have incorporated this traditional flavour into our recipe, creating wafers with a warm, sweet and spicy taste.  Simply a match made in heaven with our vanilla ice cream and Apple Crumble Fruit Topping (see Fruit Sauces section).  

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Pressed Cones

These cones are ideal for food trucks and vans as well as fast food outlets that serve soft-serve type ice cream.  Particularly popular for serving ice cream to children of all ages.  Available in packs of 20 and boxes of 500. 

Size:  12 cm in height, 5 cm in diameter.  

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Medium Chocolate Brown Cone

Our very Brown Chocolate sugar cone is made with Cocoa Powder that gives it a rich chocolate flavour.  It really uplifts the taste of any ice cream and is delicious and Crispy.  Available in all our sizes and is a Made to Order item.  

Our medium Cones are packed 180 per box.

Size:  15cm and 5.7 diameter.



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Small Unicorn cones

We also make our Small cones in various flavour and colours.  A preferred favourite is one Unicorn flavoured cone using a Piink/Red colour to show the rich Berry and flavours. 

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Small Sugar cones Unsleeved

Our small Cones comes packed in boxes of 240 per box.  They are ideal to scoop one scoop of ice cream in them.  Always made with the best ingredients to ensure freshness.

Size:  12cm and 4.5cm Diameter.


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