This webpage building with Gist (Jaco Pieterse - 083 7082086) was such a nice experience.  I believe everything must just happen... but no!  Time is needed - the scarcest commodity in so many of our lives.  It is feeling like I am exploring like nearly 20 years of memories onto these pages.   It is such a privilege to share with the (hopefully) world what Garner Wafers have accomplished with so many amazing people around us:  staff that was there for always:  Herman Arendse, Tania Quinton, Latasha Nelson, Denholene Meyer, Audrey Davids, Amanda Mfeti..... and then also so many disappointments. Then Shaheed became a partner in 2013 which turned a new leave for Garner Wafers.  I do believe that our business will flourish as we both are ethical and in complete respect of each other. InShaAllah.